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Welcome to Hondo's Doghouse
Photo of relatives... LOL


In the beginning
Photo of relatives... LOL
Some "FUN" photos..
My birthday & Halloween
Christmas 2002

Honorary cocker relatives..

My Human sis breeds Labs.... Texas Pride Labradors
This is Abby (black lab)) Kiara (gray mop) & Cope (brown lab)

They have a rough life too don't they ...LOL

The First Hondo (not me)

It's a very long story,so we won't go there just now. This is Hondo #1, momma rescued him from some Bad, Bad people and she loved him bunches, but when momma had to work long hours away from home she found him a wonderful home with great people & kids and even a cocker girlie that looked just like him. Anyway, he came with the name Hondo, so when momma got me she just had to name me Hondo too (changed it up some, Abe's Pride Macho Hondo)