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Hondo's World


Eye Glasses, Spinning

Hi everyone. Momma says that life is much like writing a book. You have to have imagination and you really never know what the next line,page or chapter may tell, so we just keep writing the story of our lives.

I came to live with my momma (Genene) and my daddy (Frank) when I was 12 weeks old on January 12, 2001. I was so excited when they came to see me at Jackson Kennels where I was born. Momma called several times that day to tell the owner that she would be there soon and "don't let anyone else have me". When she got there I was alittle scared because they showed her a nice looking girlie that was a bit older, but "NO" momma said I was the one she came for and picked me up and hugged me and we've been together everyday since then. I love my home and family.

This is my Dog House....
Oh yes, I let momma and daddy stay here too.

Thanks for dropping by and taking a look at my photos. This site (story) is as they say..... "Still under contrsuction", so be sure to look at all the pages and stop in anytime to read more and see photos of  Hondo's World.