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Welcome to Hondo's Doghouse
In the beginning
Photo of relatives... LOL
Some "FUN" photos..
My birthday & Halloween
Christmas 2002


Site under construction
Animated Backhoe

Come on in and look around..

I'm Hondo and I will be your host....

My doghouse, complete with my very own doggie door
Since daddy builds homes for a living it wasn't to hard for him to design this one for me.... lol

My daddy, Frank

Mama and me

I'm a very lucky guy... when my mommy decided to purchase a Cocker Spaniel she did not know what a Puppymill was, and for that I'm grateful, because she would not have looked for a puppy there and I might not have found my  loving family.

Mommy will discuss why Puppymills are very bad in another section on my website.

Thanks for dropping by and if you have time check out my other pages here to see lots of photos. There is even a page with some of my very special "cocker buddies".  I even have a girlfriend !!

My sweetie..... Ginger Poo